A very special opportunity to dive deep into magic and earth healing with Starhawk & Demetra Markis

March 19th-23rd 2018 we will initiate a five-day kick-off to a year-long apprenticeship in magical and practical healing for ourselves, our communities and the earth. Myth and story guide us through a deep process of personal transformation, anchored with practical skills. Our 2018 apprenticeship will work with the story of Tam Lin, a Scottish tale of elves and humans. The story will be our guide through six months of work with the mysteries of the Otherworld and the elves, fairies, devas and nature spirits who inhabit it. We’ll deepen our knowledge of herbalism, learn to prepare infusions, tinctures and distill hydrosols and essential oils while going on our personal and collective journeys through the multi-dimensional universe.

This is the second time this apprenticeship has been offered, and spaces fill up quickly. 

Registration will open this fall. Please add your name to the mailing list to be informed when further information and registration details are released.

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